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Tips and Advice for Easy Operation

Do you know how to enter frequently repeated payment orders easily and quickly?

After you have entered all data in the Payment order window, press Save as template. Enter a name for the template. When creating the next payment order with the same data, select the required template name in the drop-down list of templates.

Do you know how to enter foreign payments easily and quickly?

In the Foreign payment window, enter the beneficiary's bank SWIFT code and press Verify beneficiary's bank. Follow the simple wizard to fill in the beneficiary's bank data. For repeated foreign payments, it is recommended to save the payment as a template.

Do you know how to instantly review your payment card payments?

In the Block of payment card operations list, you can instantly see amounts verified and paid through the payment card issued to your account.

Do you wish to stop receiving paper statements in your post-box?

In Main menu/Statements/Statement Setup Overview, setup receiving statements in the electronic form in the requested frequency. Electronic statements will be then available for downloading directly in the Mojebanka application. You also have the possibility to be informed about availability of the electronic statement for downloading – in the Setting notifications/Other notifications/Statements menu, select the account number, statement group (type of statement, which you wish to be informed about), addressee of message and channel, via which we will send you the message (e-mail, fax, SMS).

Do you know, how to easily top up your or any other prepaid mobile phone card of a Czech mobile operator?

In the Main menu, click the item Mobile services/Top-up mobile. Select the operator, enter the amount and telephone number you wish to top up. During a few seconds your card will be topped up.

Do you know how to easily move through your accounts? Name them!

If you administer more accounts within the Mojebanka service and navigate through them with difficulty, it is recommended to name these accounts using alias names. You can name your accounts in the Administration/Users - administration/Own account aliases menu. Only you can see the set aliases.

Do you know how to inform the beneficiary of sending him/her a payment?

Click the Notification tab in the window for entering payment orders. Enter the communication channel (SMS, e-mail, fax) to send the message and appropriate contact data. The selected person will be informed of a payment being sent immediately.

Do you know how to send payments in foreign currencies within the Czech Republic?

You can send payment orders in foreign currency from your CZK or foreign currency account using the Payment orders/Payment order in the FC menu. In this case, the beneficiary's account must be operated by Komerční banka.

Do you know you can manage your accounts from the environment of your accounting system?

If you use Direct channel - a simple add-on to the Mojebanka service, you can very easily send payment orders and download transaction history right from the environment of your accounting system.

Do you know how to perfectly manage transactions made with your payment card?

Set sending SMS messages at every card payment. Select the required payment card and minimum amount for sending the message in the Setting notifications/Notification on payment card operations menu. You will then be informed by an SMS message to your mobile phone of every verified card payment. This may help prevent your card from being abused.

Do you want to receive an SMS message informing you of your current balance in your account every morning?

Select the type and number of account and (if applicable) minimum amount of the balance change for sending messages in the Setting notifications/Notification of balance menu. You will then be informed by an SMS message of the balance in your account every morning.

Do you want to get information from a telephone banker free of charge and at a specified time?

Select the product in the "I am interested in ..." menu. In the window displayed, enter the phone number and time at which you want to be contacted. At this time, a telephone banker will contact you. You can order some of selected products immediately.

Do you know how to send regular payments (electricity, rentals, telephone bills) easily and clearly?

Select the Regular payments option in the Payment orders menu. In the displayed window, press Add and select the order templates you want to send as regular payments. After that, you can send payments for electricity, rentals, telephone bills, leasing etc. easily and in bulk from a single place.


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