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Service Description

Are you interested in a direct banking service that combines the advantages of internet banking with the efficiency of local applications? We have prepared the PC banking Profibanka, a top direct banking product from KB, in order to provide a comprehensive solution for companies' payment systems. With Profibanka you can carry out all banking transactions comfortably at home or in your office, at any time day and night, regardless of the branch business hours. The service is easy to use and employs top security protection based on electronic signature standards.

Tips and Advice for Easy Operation

Do you enter frequently repeated payment orders? Do you want to set sending confirmation messages notifying transfer of payments to your business partners? Do you want to know how to print daily, weekly or monthly statements of your account? Hints and guidance for easy operation will help you to easily and quickly operate your accounts via the Profibanka service.

Upgrading the service

You can find more information about upgrade of Profibanka application on this page.

Do I Have a Compliant Computer?

Do you want to find out the minimum requirements for hardware and software to use the Profibanka service?


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