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Service Description – E-shops

Do you operate an e-shop with goods or accept payments for services from your customers? Do you want the money for goods and services in your account immediately? Do you want to facilitate payments by your customers and speed up dispatch of goods as much as possible? The Mojeplatba service, which allows you to connect your e-shop or portal with Komerční banka direct banking, is designed just for you.

Service Description – Shoppers

Do you shop on the Internet or pay for services via the Internet and prefer a fast, simple and secure method of payment? Do you use the Mojebanka service? Make use of the Mojeplatba effective payment instrument. Choose the option of payment via the Mojeplatba service on the shop's website, the trader will prepare the payment order for you which you then immediately confirm. The shop gets paid for the goods or services on-line and can immediately dispatch the goods to you or provide the service.

Where you can use the Mojeplatba Service

If you already use the Mojebanka service, then this fast and effective method of payment via Mojeplatba when shopping on the Internet with shops who use the Mojeplatba payment instrument in their shops.


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