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Direct Channel

Service Description

Do you want to send payment instructions easily and quickly and to load bank statements directly from your accounting system environment? This is possible through the Direct channel, a simple and efficient superstructure for the Mojebanka service. The Direct channel saves time, makes operations easier and reduces errors. You can find here an updated list of accounting systems fully integrating the Direct channel. The service has been designed for clients that use accounting systems in communication with the Bank or who need to transfer large volumes of payments and statements (more than 3,500 payments per month). The service is easy to operate and comes with top security protection based on electronic signature standards.

Installing the service

If you have concluded the contract on using the Direct channel service, you can simply download the installation file and start using the service.

Upgrading the Service

You can find more information about upgrade of Direct channel service on this page.

Do I Have a Compliant Computer?

Do you want to find out minimum requirements for hardware and software to use the Direct channel service? You will find all necessary information on this page.

Cooperation with Accounting Systems

Direct Channel is a service providing easy and effective communication between your accounting system and the bank.

During communication with the bank via these products, you can easily send payment orders and download statements right from the environment of your accounting system.


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