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What Is Certificate?

The Personal certificate is similar to an identity card. Clients prove their identity with the certificate when communicating electronically. Every KB client who wants to access his/her accounts via the Internet will receive his/her own personal certificate for this purpose.

The personal certificate is a file which may be stored on a portable media (floppy disk, USB flash disk or CD) or on a smart card. If you use the smart card, you have to install a reader.

Personal certificates in files are valid for a year, while certificates on smart cards are valid for 2 years. You can extend the validity electronically within 30 days before the expiry date.

Issue and extension of the personal certificate is free of charge.

Certification wizard serves as operating tool for certificates (new certificate downloading, extension of the existing certificate, password change etc.).

New certificate

Before you can set up the Mojebanka and Profibanka services, it is necessary to create your personal certificate.
The personal certificate secures communication between you and the bank. You will use it to log in and sign individual transactions.

How to receive personal certificate?
  1. Visit the branch of Komerční banka which operates your accounts and conclude the appropriate contract there. Subsequently, at home you can download your functional personal certificate from the Certification wizard.
  2. If you want to use a personal certificate stored on a smart card, come to your branch of Komerční banka operating your accounts. Conclude the appropriate contract and you will receive functional personal certificate on a smart card on the spot.

A single personal certificate enables you to access all KB direct banking services. Therefore, if you use both Mojebanka and Profibanka, you will use only one certificate when communicating with the bank.

You can also use your personal certificate for communication with other partners.

Get familiar with KB CA certification policy.


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