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Certificates on Smart Cards

Why to use certificates on smart cards?

Personal certificate stored on a smart card is a perfect choice for those clients who demand higher security of certificate storage. The main benefit of smart card usage is the fact that it is not possible to copy or steal the certificate from the smart card. Therefore unless the smart card is physically lost the abuse of certificate is practically impossible. At the same time working with certificate on a smart card is much easier and quicker since you enter only 4 digit PIN while signing the transactions.

How to obtain a certificate on the Můjklíč smart card?

You can get this smart card on your home branch (where your account is opened with).

List of supported smart card readers

KB guarantees a full functionality of services Mojebanka, Profibanka and Direct channel with an access to the personal certificate via Můjklíč smart cards.

Type of smart card reader Host interface Chip card reader producer
GemPC Twin USB Gemplus
GemPC Card PCMCIA Gemplus
CardMan4000 PCMCIA OmniKey
CardMan4040 PCMCIA OmniKey
CardMan3621 (Pin-Pad) USB OmniKey
Cardman3821 (Pin-Pad) USB OmniKey

The smart card reader installation

Download the smart card reader installation here.

Notice: Downloading the installation file (approx. 3-4 MB) can take 8-12 min via modem with 56 kb connection speed.

User's guide to smart card reader installation

Smart card reader – Directions for use


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